Technical Documents

Below are the download link for –

1. Forms:

  • 3-Att 1_Vessel Particulars download
  • 3-Att 3_LR Form download
  • 3-Att 5a_Sample of Material Declaration (MD) Form download
  • 3-Att 5b_Sample of Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) Form download

2. User guides, explanatory notes, and sample document:

  • 3-Att 7_Battery Inventory List with Location & Weight (Sample Template) download
  • 3-Att 8_Smoke Detector Inventory List (Sample Template) download
  • 3-Att 9_Refrigerant Inventory List (Sample Template) download
  • 3-Att 10_Mercury Containing Items Inventory List (Sample Template) download
  • 4-Att 1_PO Text Lines download
  • 4-Att2_Letter to Suppliers (English & Simplified Chinese) download
  • 4-Att 3_Metizoft PO Data Collection download
  • 4-Att 4_PO Data Input Format download
  • 4-Att 5_PO Data Input Format Explanation download
  • 4-Att 6 Drydocking Yard Text Lines download
  • 5-Att 1_Metizone User Guide download