Ship Recycling Supervision

National authorities, environment agencies and NGOs are ramping up their activities to investigate on irresponsible shipowners when comes to Ship Recycling compliance. In some cases, even though shipowners sell their vessels to a third party (commonly known as Cash Buyers), shipowners are convicted or prosecuted in courts for breaching the regulations. Shipowners are strongly encouraged to ensure that the vessels are recycled in approved facilities (EU SRR or Hong Kong Convention 2009) and comply with the current regulations.

Even when vessels are recycled at approved facilities, the shipowner should also ensure that the shipbreaking yard complies with the necessary regulations, safety standards and environmental standards. By not being physically onsite to witness the ship recycling process, shipowners just assume that the ship breaking yards are adhering to the regulations and standards, which is not always the case. Many accidents involving injuries and deaths during the recycling process had been reported in the news. On several events, the shipowner’s name was also published, resulting in damaging the shipowner’s reputation.

Having a site supervision team onsite has proven to greatly reduce the risks and number of accidents whereby the onsite supervision team will monitor the process and ensure the ship breaking follows the regulations and standards.

Metizoft has a pool of experienced Ship Recycling and Safety Specialists, acting on behalf of the shipowners to monitor and supervise the ship breaking yards. Metizoft provides reports on the entire ship recycling process on a periodic basis; weekly, monthly and a completion report. Any breaches or compromises shall be reported to Shipowner and where necessary, our onsite team will also issue a “Stop Work Order”.

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