IHM Newbuildings

Through MZ IHM for Newbuildings we provide a turnkey IHM / Green Passport solution for shipyards that includes approval and verification services for newbuilds. An increasing number of shipyards are entering into service agreements with Metizoft in this regard.

At Metizoft our DNV GL Approved HazMat Experts have the special competence needed to resolve issues related to IHM, ensuring that the vessels your company builds are in line with regulations.


Why should you work with Metizoft?

Green awareness

  • Be a role model for your industry and use this as a competitive advantage. Inform shipowners who are building vessels without environmental notations about the future IHM requirements, enabling them to implement this on newbuildings to get better IHM documentation and save future costs.


  • Are you building a vessel with Clean Design, Enviro+, Eco-Protection or other specific environmental notations, then having an IHM is a requirement.  Furthermore, Bureau Veritas (BV) requires the IHM of new building to be developed by a professional company approved by BV.  Metizoft is BV approved.


  • Maintain focus on your core business by outsourcing IHM to Metizoft.


  • Get access to highly capable and experienced personnel, ranging from HazMat experts to a dedicated QA & QC division.


  • Metizoft has solid relations to all class societies and we adapt to their reporting requirements.

Project reporting

  • Receive status reports on your IHM project.

Random Sampling

  • Metizoft has a team of dedicated and professionally trained HazMat experts to perform the Random Sampling for new buildings, as recommended by the EU SRR No.1257/2013.  For new buildings Classed under BV, random sampling is a pre-requisite to attain the GREEN PASSPORT notation.

Regulation changes

  • History has proved that regulations are changing over time. It’s important to follow these changes in order to be in line with the latest regulations at all times. Metizoft secures this on behalf of all customers.

Added value for end-customer

  • Enable your customer to update the IHM through Metizoft. This is a mandatory requirement for the shipowner after the vessel has been delivered from the shipyard.