IHM Maintenance

Through MZ IHM we provide a turnkey IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials) / Green Passport solution for shipowners that includes approval and verification services for both newbuilds and existing vessels. This green ship recycling solution is in compliance with current rules, regulations and guidelines, including the EU Ship Recycling Regulation, the Hong Kong Convention and IMO Guideline MEPC.269(68).

As such, our HazMat Experts continuously update the IHM throughout each vessel’s life cycle, as shipowners are required to always have up to date IHM documentation. An increasing number of shipowners are entering into services agreeements with Metizoft in this regard.

At Metizoft we have the special competence and Approved HazMat Experts needed to resolve issues related to IHM, ensuring that your company’s environmental profile is being safeguarded in a professional way. Easy access to the IHM documentation is provided through our Metizone Web portal.

The EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) that entered into force on 30 December 2013 has the following requirements for commercial vessels above 500 GT that are operating outside the flag state’s borders:

  • EU-flagged newbuildings are required to have onboard a verified IHM with a Statement of Compliance at the earliest by 31 December 2015 and at the latest by 31 December 2018.
  • Existing EU-flagged vessels are required to have onboard a verified IHM with an “Inventory Certificate” at the latest by 31 December 2020 (or if the ship is to be recycled, the IHM should be on board from the date when the European list of ship recycling facilities was first published, 19 December 2016).
  • Non-EU-flagged vessels calling at EU ports are also required to have onboard a verified IHM with a Statement of Compliance at the latest by 31 December 2020.
  • The IHM shall be properly maintained and updated throughout the operational life of the ship, reflecting new installations containing any Hazardous Materials referred to in Annex II of the Regulation and relevant changes in the structure and equipment of the ship.

Why should you work with Metizoft?


  • Get the benefit of relying on the expertise of our certified HazMat Experts.


  • Our proprietary turnkey solution consists of HazMat expertise and state-of-the-art technology to form a unique service.

Regulations & Rules

  • We have continuous insight on new regulations and class rules in order to keep your IHM valid.


  • Log in to our customer portal and download documentation 24/7.

Quality Control

  • Our dedicated personnel ensure that all documentation is in compliance with regulations and class rules.


  • Our team of HazMat Experts have years of experience in the field of Green Passport and IHM.