With MZ Non-Asbestos we’ll provide your vessels with asbestos-free declarations and supporting documentation through our Non-Asbestos Supplier List. Such documentation is a requirement for all new-buildings, repairs and conversions on or after 1 July 2012 according to the SOLAS Convention.

We’ll update the Non-Asbestos Supplier List throughout each vessel’s life cycle, ensuring that your vessels during inspections can always document that the parts covered by the SOLAS Convention are in line with the regulation.

At Metizoft we have all the tools as well as approved asbestos specialists needed to deliver and maintain the required declarations and documentation for our clients.

Additionally we offer Asbestos Assessment/Survey/Inspection for new buildings to further reduce the risk and liabilities.  In an event if Asbestos had been detected, we can assist ship owners to develop the Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) and also offer removal services in accordance to regulations and industry best practice.

Why should you work with Metizoft?


  • Annual maintenance of Non-Asbestos Supplier List.

Reducing risks

  • Be prepared for unannounced inspections that could lead to detentions.


  • Obligated maintenance of Non-Asbestos Supplier List will be handled.

Be a leader

  • Make your staff familiar with the legal requirements.


  • Create awareness and safeguard your crew and passengers. Avoid compensation claims by crew members.


  • Be a role model for your industry and use this as a competitive advantage. Protect your image by showing responsibility for crew, passengers and recyclers.

Keep your assets

  • Identify reasons for reduction of value for your vessels. Avoid contamination of your ship, and make others pay for “pollution” and clean-up of your ships.