Asbestos Service - Marine

For the Marine Industry, Metizoft Asia can provide you with the following asbestos services:

Asbestos Free Declaration (“AFD”)
With reference to SOLAS II-1, Regulation 3-5, and quoted from MSC.1/Circ. 1374:
It is recommended that, whenever an item or material is to be installed, it is ensured that the item or material has a statement of compliance, or similar, with the relevant SOLAS regulation. This may take the form of an “asbestos free declaration”.

Metizoft can assist you with the collection of Asbestos Free Declaration forms (“AFD”) for all the items, or materials, you have purchased from your suppliers, and compiled all information into a report for your easy perusal. Our certified Inventory of Hazardous Materials (“IHM”) Experts can provide guidance to your suppliers on how to complete their AFD forms.  As value adding, our IHM Experts can also conduct quality check for the received AFD forms, and ensure all AFD forms are completed in accordance with SOLAS Regulation.

Asbestos Survey conducted in accordance with Australia’s National Association of Testing Authorities (“NATA”)
In addition to Singapore’s certification, our Competent Person are also certified by Australia’s Training Accreditation Council to conduct asbestos related activities.  Aside from being certified to conduct asbestos related work, our employees are also certified by Maritime Recognised Organisations (ROs) as Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) Experts; whereby asbestos being one of the many hazardous materials covered in the IHM Expert course.

Asbestos Management Plan (“AMP”)
In the event whereby removal of ACM will not take place immediately, or if the ACM are non-friable if left undisturbed (e.g., low risk rating), stakeholders must prepare an Asbestos Management Plan and enforce the Plan to maintain an “asbestos safe environment” (note: this is subject to local Asbestos Abatement legislation or regulations).

The AMP essentially set forth procedures and protocols on how to maintain an asbestos safe environment, including on how to avoid disturbing ACM; establish fixed period for regular inspection of ACM; and Safety Procedures during emergency (e.g., asbestos fibres becoming airborne, and urgent repair works).

All AMPs are developed by our team of Asbestos Specialists accredited by the Government of Singapore or Australia, therefore ensuring both statutory compliance and professional support.

Asbestos Emergency Kit (“AEK”)
Together with our Asbestos Management Plan, AEK is a necessity when conducting regular inspection of ACM, and especially critical during emergencies (such as urgent repair works).  In our AEK, you will have the basic tools, materials, and PPE to protect and safeguard your personnel.  User guides and manuals are also included in our AEK.

Laboratory Analysis and Testing
Metizoft also provide Laboratory Analysis and Testing services for both bulk sampling and air sampling through our accredited laboratory partners. Our respective international partner laboratory also has their own national accreditation, such as NATA, CNAS, and SAC.  Besides national accreditation, our partner laboratories also hold approvals from various maritime ROs to do testing for IHM.

Asbestos analytical methods for asbestos provided by our laboratory partners includes Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), and Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM).

Do drop us an enquiry if your preferred test method is not stated.

Asbestos Waste Disposal
Disposal of asbestos waste can be an intricate and problematic proceeding due to different national legislation and regulations.  Metizoft have international partners dealing with asbestos waste disposal, please contact us for more details.