Asbestos Service - Land

For the Land Sector, Metizoft Asia can provide you with the following asbestos services:

Asbestos Survey

In general, there are two main types of asbestos survey:  Management Survey and Demolition Survey.

Management Survey is to investigate the presence of ACMs as far as practicable in a location or premises. All information of ACMs will be compiled into an Asbestos Survey Report and submitted to our customer.  With the completed Asbestos Survey Report, stakeholders will have to decide the best course of actions on how to properly manage with the non-friable low risk rating ACMs found in their premises, thus the name “Management Survey”.


With Demolition Survey, the main objective is to identify the presence of ACMs as far as reasonably practicable using both instructive and destructive methods.  This is to gain access to all areas, including those which may be difficult to reach.  Compared to Management Survey, Demolition Survey is more inclined towards identifying ACMs for safe removal and not so much for managing the ACMs. This type of survey is required before commencing any demolition and/or refurbishment work in a premise or property.

Asbestos Management Plan (“AMP”)

In the event whereby removal of ACM will not take place immediately, or if the ACM are non-friable if left undisturbed (e.g., low risk rating), stakeholders must prepare an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) and enforce the Plan to maintain an “asbestos safe environment” (note – this is subject to local Asbestos Abatement legislation or regulations).

The AMP essentially set forth procedures and protocols on how to maintain an asbestos safe environment, including on how to avoid disturbing ACM; establish fixed period for regular inspection of ACM; and Safety Procedures during emergency (e.g., asbestos fibres becoming airborne, and urgent repair works).

All AMPs are developed by our team of Asbestos Specialists accredited by the Government of Singapore or Australia, therefore ensuring both statutory compliance and professional support.

Laboratory Analysis and Testing

Metizoft also provide Laboratory Analysis and Testing services for both bulk sampling and air sampling through our accredited laboratory partners.  Our respective international partner laboratory also has their own national accreditation, such as NATA, CNAS, and SAC.

Asbestos analytical methods for asbestos provided by our laboratory partners includes Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), and Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM).

Do drop us an enquiry if your preferred test method is not stated.